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    CLASSIFICATION OF PINUS (PINE) Kingdom :-  Plantae Division :- Gymnosperm Class :- Coniferopsida Order :- Coniferales Family :- Pinaceace Genus :- Pinus   EXTERNAL FEATURES OF PINUS (PINE)   It is a tall conical tree and, therefore, commonly grouped under conifers. The plant bodyis differentiated into root, stem and leaves. Underground root systemis formed by tap roots which disappear early and only lateral roots persist later on.…



    CLASSIFICATION OF EPHEDRA Kingdom :-  Plantae Division :- Gymnosperm Class :- Gnetopsida Order :- Gnetales Family :- Ephedraceae Genus :- Ephedra   EXTERNAL FEATURES OF EPHEDRA   Plants are small, bushy, trailing or climbing shrubs attaining a height of not more than 2 meters. However, E. antisiphilitica is a small tree, reaching a height of 3-5 meters. The plant body is branched and posseses only minute…



    CLASSIFICATION OF CYCAS Kingdom :-  Plantae Division :- Gymnosperm Class :- Cycadopsida Order :- Cycadales Family :- Cycadaceae Genus :- Cycas   EXTERNAL FEATURES OF CYCAS   Plant bodyis differentiated into an underground root system, that is distinguished into an erect stem and a crown of leaves. Rootsare of two types: primary or normal root secondary of coralloid root. Normal rootis a tap root, growing deep…