Sub-division :- Algae

Class :- Chlorophyceae

Order :-  Chaetophorales

Family :-  Chaetophoraceae

Genus :- Fritschiella



  • Thallus is filamentous. The filaments show heterotrichous habit.
  • Thallus show typical heterotrichous nature with distinct rhizoidal system, the prostrate system, primary projecting system and the secondary projecting system.
  • The rhizoidal system consists of one or more rhizoid-like outgrowths. These arise from prostrate system.
  • The prostrate system is made of clusters of cells. These cells are either rounded or irregular in shape. The plants with well developed prostrate system consist of mature filaments.
  • The primary projecting system arises from the prostrate system and is aerial in nature. The filaments are uniseriate or biseriate which may -be branched or unbranched. The cells of these filaments are small and rounded. They are green and photosynthetic. 
  • The secondary projecting system consists of freely branched uniseriate filaments. The cells are elongated. The end cells of the branches terminate into hair-like structures.
  • The cells of the projecting system are thin walled. These are uninucleate with a curved plate-like chloroplast that has 2-8 pyrenoids. The cells of primary projecting system and the prostrate system have poorly developed chloroplasts. In rhizoidal system, chloroplasts are completely absent.

Fritschiella. A single cell of the projecting system


  1. Sub-division– Algae
    1. Presence of a simple thallus.
    2. Chlorophyll present
    3. Cell wall made of cellulose.
  2. ClassChlorophyceae
    1. Presence of a definite nucleus
    2. Chloroplast present. grass green colour
    3. Presence of starch
    4. Reproductive structure motile and flagella equal in length.
  3. Order –  Chaetophorales
    1. Plant body heterotrichous
    2. Distinct prostrate and erect systems present.
  4. Family Chaetophoraceae
    1. Plants filamentous
    2. Terminal or lateral hairs present
    3. Cells with single chloroplast.
  5. Genus Fristchiella
    1.  Plant body filamentous,
    2. Chloroplast curved and plate-like
    3. Secondary projecting system composed of tuft of elongated branches with longer cells.



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